Central location for all sales orders
Validate sales orders for matching QuickBooks customer and items
Queue of orders needing corrections
Create QuickBooks sales receipts and invoices from sales order
Track sales order status
Track sales order source
Track sales order payment info
Track sales order shipping info
Track sales order sales tax
Track sales order shipping and handling fees
FUTURE FEATURE - Email sales order to customer
FUTURE FEATURE - Convert QuickBooks estimates to sales orders
FUTURE FEATURE - View QuickBooks estimates
FUTURE FEATURE - Create QuickBooks estimates
FUTURE FEATURE - Edit QuickBooks estimates
FUTURE FEATURE - View QuickBooks purchase orders
FUTURE FEATURE - Create QuickBooks purchase order from sales orders
FUTURE FEATURE - Create QuickBooks purchase orders
FUTURE FEATURE - Edit QuickBooks purchase orders
Lock sales orders from future edit
Create new QuickBooks customers
Edit existing active QuickBooks customers
FUTURE FEATURE - Create new QuickBooks items
Customer Search
View Customer details including transaction history to include sales orders, estimates, sales receipts, invoices, credit memos
Item Search
View Item details including quantity on hand, quantity on purchase order, and transaction history
FUTURE FEATURE - API endpoints to allow order creation from outside source
Sales order metadata
Seamless QuickBooks integration
Unlimited users no additional cost
Competitive pricing
Single user can have access to multiple accounts
FUTURE FEATURE - Integration with QuickBooks Automated Sales Tax
FUTURE FEATURE - Integration with QuickBooks Payments
FUTURE FEATURE - Integration with Square
FUTURE FEATURE - Integration with Paypal
FUTURE FEATURE - Enhanced Reporting
FUTURE FEATURE - Integration with Zapier